• One of the better ways to help the poor and needy people is to give them a hand up rather than a hand out. Giving them moral support, showing heartfelt humility and respect makes them aware that someone really does care about them and trying to improve their condition.
  • By providing them with the opportunities to improve their condition on their own would increase their self-esteem and help them in overcoming barriers they face every day.
  • Work with the poor and needy people and help them discover their own capabilities and capacity and putting them to use at the right place at the right time. Support them and let them know that they have something of value which can be used for meeting their basic requirements.
  • Providing nutritious meals to the poor and needy people. Donating groceries which can help the hunger of poor and needy people. They cannot even afford a single time meal for themselves and their family, so donating food will make their stomach fill and stay healthy. Rather than wasting food or throwing it, it is better to give it to a needy person.
  • We invite you to join our community and raise funds for the poor and needy people.

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